de|ter|mine «dih TUR muhn», verb, -mined, -min|ing.
1. to make up one's mind very firmly; come to a decision; resolve: »

He determined to become the best scout in the troop. Narcissa determined to go at once (Thomas Love Peacock).

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under decide. (Cf.decide)
2. to come to an end; expire.
3. Archaic. to take a course to a definite point or end.
1. to find out exactly (something previously unknown or uncertain) by observation, calculation, or surmise; fix: »

to determine the height of a mountain. The captain determined the latitude and longitude of his ship's position.

SYNONYM(S): ascertain, establish.
2. to be the deciding fact in reaching (a certain result); settle; regulate: »

The number of answers you get right determines your mark on this test. Tomorrow's weather will determine whether we go to the beach or stay home. As in other things…not the seller, but the buyer determines the price (Thomas Hobbes).

3. to fix or settle beforehand; decide: »

Can you now determine the date for our party? The boys determined which players should be on each team by lot.

4. to put an end or limit to: a) to limit in space, extent, quality, amount, or force; bound: »

That hill determines our view.

b) to clarify or define (an idea, concept, or argument) by determination: »

The meaning of a word is partly determined by its use in a particular sentence.

5. to settle as a judge or arbiter; decide: »

to determine a dispute. The laws will…determine the punishment of the criminal (David Hume).

6. to fix the geometrical position of.
7. Especially Law. to bring to an end; put an end to; conclude; terminate.
8. to direct to some conclusion: a) to give direction, tendency, or definite bias to; decide the course of; impel to (some destination): »

Accidental impulses determine us to different paths (Samuel Johnson).

b) Figurative. to decide the course of (a person); give an aim to; influence the choice of (to do something): »

This circumstance determined him to the study of law.

[< Old French determiner, learned borrowing from Latin dētermināre set limits to < dē- from + terminus end, limit]

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